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“Jenner” to debut at multi-hosted Adoption Event in East Dundee on Sat 2/16 from 11-3 pm – Pampered Pets Spa, Rt. 25


“Hi, my name is Jenner, and I am looking for a new forever home.

Here’s my stats:
Gender – Ruff Ruff, I am ALL boy!
Weight – 25# give or take and I am not getting any bigger. Well, maybe I could stand to gain about 3

Breed – My foster Mom says I am a CockaLab. What? What she means, is that I am a cross between a Cocked Spaniol & a Black Lab.
Housebrbroken: YES!
Crate Trained: YES!
Love Other Dogs: YES!
Play Fetch:  YES!
Love Other Humans: OK, I’m a bit on the shy side until I get to know you. C’mon, you can’t have everything!
Obedience Words & Phrases I Know: “Sit”, “Get Back”, “Off”, “Give me a Kiss” (my personal favorite), “Go Outside?”, “Go Potty?”, “Get the Ball”, “Cookie Crate!” (this one means that I can be bribed to go into my crate with a moral of food, it’s true!).

You should also know that I absolutely adore attention and you will frequently find me cuddled up right next to you on the sofa, on the chair, or in your bed. However, I sleep in my crate at night in the kitchen, no worries! And I absolutely sleep through the night from 10 p.m. all the way to 7:30- 8 a.m. 

I really don’t bark that much at all.

Won’t you please consider adopting me?  I promise that I will be your BFF, that’s short for best friend forever!



Jenner finds a “furever” family!


My Foster Dog Jenner found his “furever” new family this past weekend! Starfish Animal Rescue has received the new Adoptive Pet Parent’s Application, and the Application has been approved! Jenner had his second round of
heartworm injections today, and he is recovering nicely tonight at my home. He should be ready for his new family by the end of February! I will miss him terribly — and hope that play dates can be arranged with my dogs Liliana & April so they can all remain BFF’s!