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“Jenner” to debut at multi-hosted Adoption Event in East Dundee on Sat 2/16 from 11-3 pm – Pampered Pets Spa, Rt. 25

February 20, 2013


“Hi, my name is Jenner, and I am looking for a new forever home.

Here’s my stats:
Gender – Ruff Ruff, I am ALL boy!
Weight – 25# give or take and I am not getting any bigger. Well, maybe I could stand to gain about 3

Breed – My foster Mom says I am a CockaLab. What? What she means, is that I am a cross between a Cocked Spaniol & a Black Lab.
Housebrbroken: YES!
Crate Trained: YES!
Love Other Dogs: YES!
Play Fetch:  YES!
Love Other Humans: OK, I’m a bit on the shy side until I get to know you. C’mon, you can’t have everything!
Obedience Words & Phrases I Know: “Sit”, “Get Back”, “Off”, “Give me a Kiss” (my personal favorite), “Go Outside?”, “Go Potty?”, “Get the Ball”, “Cookie Crate!” (this one means that I can be bribed to go into my crate with a moral of food, it’s true!).

You should also know that I absolutely adore attention and you will frequently find me cuddled up right next to you on the sofa, on the chair, or in your bed. However, I sleep in my crate at night in the kitchen, no worries! And I absolutely sleep through the night from 10 p.m. all the way to 7:30- 8 a.m. 

I really don’t bark that much at all.

Won’t you please consider adopting me?  I promise that I will be your BFF, that’s short for best friend forever!



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